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Health and Pharmaceuticals

The Health care industry is a market with a growing importance. Changing population structures and habits account for the increasing demand for health products and services. Moreover, health care is an issue of political allocation. National health systems depend on political priorities and public budgets. Only those who can influence political processes to their benefits can rely on access to sufficient resources in the future.

The health care sector has always been a focal point in the work of Euro P.A. . Companies, associations and NGOs have entrusted Euro P.A. with their European initiatives. Among our clients are a great number of organizations in the health care sector which we have supported for years with their political communication.

We represent our clients at the EU level in Brussels, provide information, organise political events and conduct press arrangements across Europe. Our project teams shed light on the complex fund system in the EU and take part in creating European projects. If health care is your topic, we are the right to make it to your success.

Using a special information service - BrusselsHealth, we report on the latest developments in the health care, pharmaceuticals and medical technology. This service provides the health sector with genuine European information and can be tailor-made to each client’s needs. BrusselsHealth can be ordered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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 We report on developments in the health care, pharmaceuticals and medical technology through a special information service - BrusselsHealth