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Transport, Tourism and Culture

In the fields of transport, tourism and culture one often has to take into account the existing interconnections - between regional needs and national priorities or between national priorities and European planning.

These different levels are often reflected in the politics and subsidy programmes of the EU. Every decision made in Brussels that relates to these sectors always has a strong basis at national and regional level. Similarly, local decision-makers coordinate their projects with EU politics.

Euro P.A. brings these different levels closer together. We ensure that regional interests in Brussels are not undermined. Our service enables many organisations and companies to gain access to the European level of decision-making which would hardly be possible without specialised help. Finally, we ensure that our clients profit from European funds and subsidies. Opportunities in these areas can only be made use of effectively with experience and in-depth knowledge in the complex European environment.

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In the field of transport, tourism and culture one often has to take into account the existing interconnections. The consultants of Euro P.A. ensure a close connection between regional interests and European goals.